Man Vs. Machine: Seven Major Players in High-Frequency Trading

High-frequency trading has grabbed headlines in the past year, but little is known about the top players in the business. These speed-focused hotshots aren’t household names such as George Soros or Warren Buffett. That’s partly because of the the secretive nature of the industry, which has largely shunned the limelight, at least until recently. Here’s seven forces in the business. >>> Read the full article @ CNBC

Man Vs. Machine: How the Crash of ’87 Gave Birth To High-Frequency Trading

In response to 1987’s Black Monday, Nasdaq tweaked an existing system that would automatically give retail investors preference in the trading queue. It made it mandatory for market makers to instantly execute trades of 1,000 shares or less by retail investors in its Small Order Execution System, or SOES. >>> Read the full article @ CNBC