Europe steps up scrutiny of high-speed trading

Europe’s markets watchdog is stepping up scrutiny of high-frequency trading to assess the impact of so-called “ghost liquidity” and to ensure national regulators and trading venues have strong enough controls in place. >>> Read the full article @ Reuters

In Defense of High Frequency Trading

In Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys, High-Frequency Trading is the evil man, Katsuyama’s mutual fund clients are the righteous and the weak, and Katsuyama’s new exchange is the shepherd that protects the righteous from the evil. Spell-binding this may be but true it is not. >>> Read the full article @ The Harvard Crimson

High-Frequency Trading Marks High Water of Financial Corruption

When Lewis’ book first came out, a hew and cry welled up in the financial media in defense of HFT, the normal instinct of industry participants to protect their industry from the attacks of the liberal media and others. But after a week or so, those protests gave way to industry participants who realized the enormous damage that HFT has done to the integrity of the industry. >>> Read the full article @ Huffington Post

9 Gripes From a Leading High-Frequency Trader About Michael Lewis’s ‘One-Sided’ Book

It’s not a shock that Mark Gorton isn’t a fan of Michael Lewis’s latest financial book, Flash Boys. After all, in Flash Boys, Lewis takes aim at the world of Wall Street’s high-frequency traders, and Gorton — the managing director of Tower Research Capital — makes his living running a high-frequency trading firm. >>> Read the full article @ Intelligencer