Instinet is best known as one of the first off-exchange trading alternatives, with its “green screen” terminals prevalent in the 1980s and 1990s, and, more recently, as the founder of Chi-X Europe and Chi-X Global. Its refusal to accept orders from SOES Bandits Josh Levine & Jeff Citron of Datek Securities led to the establishment of Instinet competitor Island in 1996. >>> Read the full article @ Investopedia

Feeling the heat of high-frequency trading

Rather than trusting their trades to the vagaries of the Internet and risk an unfavorable routing path or a cable severed by an errant backhoe, high-frequency trading firms often rely on microwave links to exchange information. The links are similar to the microwave backbone that once stitched the phone system together: point-to-point links via dedicated microwave dishes. >>> Read the full article @ Hackaday