IEX CEO Brad Katsuyama talks about life after ‘Flash Boys’ and how he’s taking on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq

Brad Katsuyama is the cofounder and CEO of the Investors Exchange (IEX), which thwarts predatory high-frequency trading. HFT uses computers to make many trades in a fraction of a second, which Katsuyama argues is used by some unfairly. Katsuyama and IEX came to prominence as the stars of Michael Lewis’ 2014 best-selling book “Flash Boys.” >>> Read the full article on Business Insider

A billionaire trading pioneer is switching his company’s listing to a new stock market

The billionaire founder of Interactive Brokers is switching his company’s stock from the Nasdaq to IEX, making it the upstart exchange’s first listing. IEX shot to fame in Michael Lewis’s book Flash Boys, which dramatized the exchange’s team — led by founder Brad Katsuyama — as crusaders against the High-Frequency Traders. >>> Read the full article @ Quartz