HFT TRACKER (established 19 April 2019) is dedicated to High-Frequency Trading (HFT), algorithmic trading, or automated trading, whatever you like to call it. It maps the history of HFT, using online articles written since the 1980s. Editor-in-chief is Rob Smit from the university town of Leiden, The Netherlands.

High-frequency trading is a type of financial trading in which human brokers on the floor of stock exchanges have been replaced by highly sophisticated algorithms. Because HFT is fully electronic, thousands of transactions can be executed per second, and the trading firms that have the fastest connections make the biggest profits. This is why HFT firms want their computers located as close to the computers of the various stock exchanges as possible.


Pioneers of high-frequency trading were the so called SOES Bandits led by Harvey Houtkin, who used the electronic Small Order Execution System installed after Black Monday (1987) to move in and out of orders faster than private traders or even large trading firms.


HFT Tracker gathers the news about high-frequency trading and organizes it by subject: High-Frequency Trading, dark pools, crypto currencies, SOES Bandits, Flash Boys, etc.


Inspiration for this site comes from the two most famous books written on high-frequency trading: Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys, and Scott Patterson’s Dark Pools.

lewis-flash-boys patterson-dark-pools

The ultimate goal of HFT Tracker is to become the single place to go to for people interested in the history of high-frequency trading. Additionally, those individuals who are interested in HFT news hot off the press can visit (and subscribe to) HFT Tracker’s Facebook Page.

Rob Smit, editor-in-chief of HFT Tracker

arrow Contact Rob at robsmitleiden@gmail.com

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