Daniel Gorfine: “Financial policy makers in industry and government are suffering from a lack of tech literacy.”

Algorithmic trading, which relies on analyzing a massive amount of data to make buy, sell and hold decisions, is going to increase exponentially, Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chief Innovation Officer Daniel Gorfine predicted during the session. He said financial policy makers in industry and government are suffering from a lack of tech literacy. >>> Read the full article @ Forbes

Algorithmic Trading: What It Means For Stock Market Volatility And Individual Investors

The internal trading desks of brokerages, hedge funds and institutional investors use computer-driven trading algorithms routinely. Algorithms are complex math equations used to program computers to make decisions. On Wall Street, algo trading is used to buy and sell stocks automatically. >>> Read the whole article @ Investors

TEDx Wall Street: High-frequency trading & algorithms evolution

As humans we cannot operate on the millisecond time scale — but algorithms can, and it is these algorithms that are now dominating the financial landscape. In this TEDx Wall Street talk Sean Gourley examines this high frequency algorithmic ecosystem.

Book Review: ‘Dark Pools’ By Scott Patterson

Dark Pools is a page-turning, fascinating account of how computerized algorithmic high-frequency trading (HFT) and electronic platforms evolved, took over financial markets and turned the NYSE floor into a mere “puppet-show for TV.” >>> Read the full article @ Seeking Alpha