IQ Option launches binary options robot builder

Cyprus-regulated binary options broker IQ Option announced it launches IQ Robots – an innovative service for creating and using binary robots on its trading platform. As a result, clients of IQ Option can automate their trading for free, with no coding skills required. (SMN Weekly)

SMN Weekly


All the time in the world? Not if you’re an institutional trader

There are very few sectors within international finance where time is quite so critical. In financial trading, one millisecond can mean the difference between making and losing substantial sums of money. As a result, latency has a marked effect on general profitability, shareholder value and market competitiveness. (Banking Technology)


Woman Behind ‘Flash Boys’ Exchange Approval Preps for Next Fight

Nobody at IEX Group Inc. had done more to prepare, amend and defend the company’s application to become a new kind of stock exchange than Sophia Lee, its general counsel. So when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved the move in a 122-page document delivered late on a Friday in June, Lee’s colleagues who lingered late to hear the news could read the regulator’s verdict in her look of triumph. (Bloomberg)


SEBI Tries To Fix the HFT Issue without Closing the NSE Probe

Six years after it allowed the National Stock Exchange (NSE) to introduce high frequency trading (HFT) and algorithmic (algo) trading without any debate, rules or regulations, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), on 5th August, put out a discussion paper on “Strengthening of the regulatory framework for algorithmic trading & co-location”. (Money Life)