New laser network between NYSE and NASDAQ will allow high-frequency traders to make even more money

High-frequency trading — the practice of making thousands of algorithmic stock trades per minute — is about to get a big boost in the USA. Anova, a company that specializes in deploying low-latency networks for stock trading, is completing an ultra-high-speed laser network between the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. >>> Read the full article @ Extreme Tech

High-Frequency Traders Are Upgrading To Lasers

High-frequency trading. Is it a nuisance hell-bent on squeezing as much profit as possible while adding no value to society writ large? Or does it provide markets with unprecedented liquidity, acting as a kind of stabilizer? Either way, now it has lasers. >>> Read the full article @ Business Insider

Military Laser Technology Latest Edge In HFT Wars

As the need for speed in high frequency trading intensifies, with the difference between success or failure often measured in milliseconds, a Chicago company is now linking the NYSE Euronext with the NASDAQ OMX Group through laser technology used in U.S. military jets — and regulators watch developments with a wary eye. >>> Read full article @ Value Walk