High-frequency trading fight escalates as new tower blooms in Aurora

CyrusOne argues that its microwave tower, which sits feet outside the CyrusOne data center that houses CME’s derivatives exchange, is obstructed by a new one erected by Scientel. Scientel denies. >>> Read the full article @ Chicago Business

Feeling the heat of high-frequency trading

Rather than trusting their trades to the vagaries of the Internet and risk an unfavorable routing path or a cable severed by an errant backhoe, high-frequency trading firms often rely on microwave links to exchange information. The links are similar to the microwave backbone that once stitched the phone system together: point-to-point links via dedicated microwave dishes. >>> Read the full article @ Hackaday

The secret world of microwave networks

Stretching between London and Frankfurt there is a private, mysterious network that is twice as fast as the normal Internet. The connection, provided by a series of microwave dishes on masts, was once completely secret: only one very rich company was allowed to use it, and no one else knew about it. >>> Read the full article @ Ars Technica