This is the biggest trend in the hedge fund world right now

The humans are losing, the computers are winning, and the hedge fund game is changing. The hot topic in hedge fund land right now is the rise of the computer-driven investing, or funds that use complex mathematical models to bet on markets. (Business Insider UK)



Legendary hedge fund manager Jim Simons made $1.7 billion last year ― here’s how he went from the NSA to Wall Street

Jim Simons, founder of hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, is notoriously press shy. But in September 2015, he gave a rare interview to TED’s Chris Anderson to talk about his past and how it led him to the unprecedented success in the hedge fund industry. (Business Insider UK)


The real problem with high-frequency trading

Recent turbulence in the share markets has caused some experts to point the finger of culpability at computerised High-Frequency Trading (HFT). There are few complaints about HFT when computers push share markets up, but in the ebbing tide of today’s markets, it’s blamed both for exaggerating the share market dive as well as for the heightened volatility. (Business Insider UK)