A billionaire trading pioneer is switching his company’s listing to a new stock market

The billionaire founder of Interactive Brokers is switching his company’s stock from the Nasdaq to IEX, making it the upstart exchange’s first listing. IEX shot to fame in Michael Lewis’s book Flash Boys, which dramatized the exchange’s team — led by founder Brad Katsuyama — as crusaders against the High-Frequency Traders. >>> Read the full article @ Quartz

Is the Stock Market Rigged? (Excerpt)

Is the stock market rigged? In a scene described in Scott Patterson’s new book Dark Pools: High-Speed Traders, A.I. Bandits, and the Threat to the Global Financial System, Thomas Peterffy, billionaire founder of the computer trading goliath Interactive Brokers, poses that very question before a gathering of market leaders. >>> Read the full article @ Huffington Post