Japanese Yen Flash Crash Warning on High Alert – Calm Before the Storm

Japanese markets will be closed from 27th April to 6th May, which will be the longest market closure since World War II. Consequently, this has seen fears mount that there is the possibility of a flash event and volatile market movements. >>> Read the full article @ Daily FX

The Vast Majority Of All Futures Trading Is Now Automated

A new report highlights the still-growing dominance of automation in futures markets: over two-thirds of livestock futures trading is carried out automatically, and 91 per cent of all currency futures trading is now done with nary a human involved. >>> Read the full article @ Gizmodo

High-frequency trading fight escalates as new tower blooms in Aurora

CyrusOne argues that its microwave tower, which sits feet outside the CyrusOne data center that houses CME’s derivatives exchange, is obstructed by a new one erected by Scientel. Scientel denies. >>> Read the full article @ Chicago Business

The Hummingbird Project review: Odd couple turn the main attraction

Vince Saleski, a Wall Street hustler, and his cousin Anton, an electronic engineer with a touch of genius, are trying to raise money for running a fiber optic cable straight from Kansas to New Jersey. They’re trying to set it up without the knowledge of Anton’s boss, Eva Torres, played by an unnervingly driven and all-knowing Salma Hayek. >>> Read the full article @ Sydney Morning Herald

Daniel Gorfine: “Financial policy makers in industry and government are suffering from a lack of tech literacy.”

Algorithmic trading, which relies on analyzing a massive amount of data to make buy, sell and hold decisions, is going to increase exponentially, Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chief Innovation Officer Daniel Gorfine predicted during the session. He said financial policy makers in industry and government are suffering from a lack of tech literacy. >>> Read the full article @ Forbes

Algorithmic Trading: What It Means For Stock Market Volatility And Individual Investors

The internal trading desks of brokerages, hedge funds and institutional investors use computer-driven trading algorithms routinely. Algorithms are complex math equations used to program computers to make decisions. On Wall Street, algo trading is used to buy and sell stocks automatically. >>> Read the whole article @ Investors